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Dated: 12/28/2017

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As a real estate agent, we represent both buyers and sellers and get to see the transaction from both sides. We are not responsible for the actions of our clients, but it doesn’t hurt to set up some guidelines for our clients.  I recently was representing a buyer in a home sale transaction and was not pleased by the seller’s actions on closing day. At the time of the walk-through the seller was still packing the house with only one hour to go before the closing was scheduled. It took the seller another 12 hours to finish. This is a real problem for the buyer, the purpose of the walk through is to find the home ready to sell, and broom swept. The buyer is to inspect the home to be sure there were no changes made or damages incurred since the time of contract. The closing was scheduled and had to proceed, which leaves the buyer in a predicament, the seller is now still packing and cleaning a home they no longer own. The buyer may have to re-schedule a moving truck, incurring money damages and lost time. Not a happy start to what should be happy day!

Seller Guidelines

  •                 Be sure to plan ahead and allow extra time for the move. It is always harder than you expect.

  •                 Be considerate, the buyer has made arrangements to move in and these plans are not usually able to be changed just because you didn’t plan properly.

  •                 Make the last day in your home a pleasant one. Plan to be out of the home the day before. Leave your home clean for the next owner, hire a cleaning service. Your home holds                  many memories for you and your family, don’t spend the last day in a panic.

  •                 Consider leaving a welcome gift for the new owner, a bottle of champagne, a flower arrangement or a welcome note with lists of local services that you have used during your time                 in the home.

                Remember it’s not all about you, BE CONSIDERATE.

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